Business Services

Business Services

You are working hard at making your business successful, so get rid of the drudge work, do what you do best. You are a creative entrepreneur not a bookkeeper. Concentrate on growing your business, adding new products or services, attracting new customers. Use your time and energy to a greater advantage by letting Padgett Business Services handle the accounting, and compliance headaches that all companies have to endure.

We can get you set up with state of the art online accounting systems and work with you on how to manage the day to day transactions and reporting that you need.

Staying compliant with all the state and federal tax and payroll requirements can be worrisome to the business owner. Interest and penalties are hard to avoid if you are not staying focused on the administrative necessities. Let us take that burden off your plate so you can sleep easy at night!

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Bookkeeping, Taxes, Payroll, and Business Advice.
We are a Full Service accounting organization.


At Padgett we have a streamlined and efficient methodology to prepare your monthly accounting statements with the least amount of effort on your part. We assess your needs and customize the reporting that best fits the bussiness sector you are in. We work hard to accommodate our clients’s needs by coming to you once per month to pick up your information. Some clients have the ability to allow us to access thier information directly, further increasing the time they can utilize running thier business and making it more profitable, still others prefer to bring in thier reports to our office personally. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you.


Our Payroll services are powered by a nationally recognized partner, designed for small businesses with one or more employees, and simplified to save time.

There’s more to payroll than writing and signing pay checks! At Padgett Business Services we can handle everything from calculating your payroll, to making direct deposits into your employees’ bank accounts, to paying your withholding liabilities and filing your payroll tax returns. All the while providing you with the reports you need to run your business. At a price that is cheaper than doing it yourself.

Tax Preparation

Whether you are a Sole Proprietor, LLC, Partnership, or Corporation, Padgett is recognized nationally as a premier tax preparation organization. Whether you need help with your personal or business tax needs, we are there providing you with the most current technology , most accurate advice, and best service twelve months of the year.