Tax Services


Padgett Tax Services

Padgett is a full service tax preparation organization. We specialize in small business taxation but we also prepare individual tax returns. A lot of our clients are business owners, but also have many personal tax needs that we can provide assistance making sure they are in compliance with all the ever changing laws and regulations. We have clients that are not business owners but are at various stages of life where they need good tax advice. Some are at the beginning of their careers thinking about buying their first home, or at the end of their careers thinking about how to best manage their retirement funds. Many have children in college and need to know about how best to file for tax credits, and others who are just beginning to expand their families and need to understand how these changes impact their taxes in the future. Each of us has different taxation concerns and questions that Padgett can best guide them through, we will make sure you pay the least amount taxes that you should. We stay on top of all the new laws.

Small Business Taxes

Padgett is nationally known as the small business tax experts. Congress looks to our corporate leadership for advice on how to best craft tax legislation that impacts business of your size. This gives us the insight to provide you with the best and up to date tax strategies and planning to make sure you pay the least you legally can. We provide income tax preparation for Corporations, Partnerships, Sole Proprietors and LLC’s.

Individual Taxes

We have the resources of our national chain of 400 offices and staff which helps us stay current on all the changes in tax regulations that impact you as an individual. We are an E-file provider allowing us to file returns electronically providing you with quicker refunds and transmittal of returns. Most of all, we treat everyone as important. We listen to your questions and provide answers that make sense. We review your situation and provide advice to help you better in the future. We are a year-round tax service provider.

Tax Compliance

Sales Tax and Payroll Tax compliance is another important service we provide at Padgett. Most small businesses incur penalty and interest expenses because they failed to file or pay their sales tax or payroll taxes on time. We guarantee 100% full compliance if we are hired to handle this service, even if you do your own payroll. We’ll also make the payments for you. Call us and find out more about how we can help you.